Dad’s Birthday

Finally finished the week of death. This was crazy time for me, what with working during Thanksgiving, and pulling 12 hour days. It seems that I was going non-stop, and I don’t get any overtime (unfortunately). Just woke up from a long nap, and got a call from my parents, reminding me that my dad’s birthday is today. I made a quick cover, saying I was planning on going down to visit this weekend, but it was pretty touch-and-go for a while. I over-emphasized my fatigue, and blamed my long work hours for my not calling. Truth is, I can never remember by dad’s birthday. He makes such a little deal out of it, that it’s never something which sticks in my head. I’m like that for a lot of dates too, like holidays, and such (i.e. I forgot completely about Thanksgiving until just before last weekend). I’m pretty absent-minded sometimes. I just hope I remember to get a present for him.