Eyes in the Back of Your Mouth

The brain doesn.t care where visual input comes from. So why not see with a camera jacked into your tongue?

Don.t fly by the seat of your pants. That mantra is drilled into every pilot.s head in flight school. It means pay no attention to the g-forces pushing against your ass; and keep your eyes on your instruments. If you don.t, and your plane is in a spin or a loop, you could get caught thinking down is up. But as aviation technology evolves, the cockpit is filling up with new instruments, overwhelming the pilot.s ability to take it all in at a glance. Luckily, the eyes aren.t the only way to see. Pilots can now sense other aircraft from a tiny zap on their shoulders. And they.ll soon be able to land a helicopter in a dust storm with infrared images lightly buzzing their tongues.


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