AM African Solstice

Celebrated Solstice tonight. Enjoyed some neat African food at AM Africa, the local non-Chinese, non-Korean, non-Vietnamese restaurant in Kitchener. Great place, great food, but weird service. The waitress asks the two of us to sit at a two-person table, but the place is completely empty. It remains empty until we leave, 90 minutes later. We tell her that we’re waiting for two others, so it’s OK to sit at a 4-person table.
We order a vegetarian platter for 4. It’s a mix of all the different vegetarian dishes they have. But the waitress comes back and says they’re short one of the dishes, so they can’t do the platter. We ask that maybe she just fills a platter with the other dishes, but she can’t do this. Why? So we end up ordering 4 separate vegetarian dishes … on the same platter. We order spiced tea, then later find out there is no spiced tea, just a Kenyan Chai, and some other spicy African tea (so we’re a little confused, since these are both “spiced teas”). Normally it’s a great place, and the food was really good. The only thing missing was Shiro, my favourite dish. Apparently it takes 3 days to make, according to some recipes.

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