Sunday night, so I’m watching TV. And it’s Dec. 22nd, so I’m watching “Scrooged”. I love this film. It’s probably one of the better X-mas films, behind “A Christmas Story”. I’m not sure why I love this film. Perhaps it’s Bill Murray — he’s a great comic actor, and a real jerk in this film. He gets reformed at the end, but is still pretty messed up. And I’m totally in love with Karen Allen. She’s such a cutie (although she’s like 52 now). She was great in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.
“Scrooged” is a really mean film. It’s mean to the main character, it’s mean to the other characters, and it’s really kind of funny up until the raving final scene. Of course, the final scene is necessary to keep it as an X-mas movie. And it’s point is a good one. We shouldn’t wait for X-mas to be good to other people. We should do it all the time. This rings true for me, especially since I’m not an X-tian, and don’t hold this holiday in very high regard. I’m one who thinks we should all be good, or evil, or whatever. No matter what day it is. Why save it up for a special occasion?

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