Letter from Zucker-Dachboden Industrien GmbH

I don’t rightly know what this was supposed to translate to, but I’ll assume it was some kind of fan mail…
“You should drive rear Matze,
with the parts really only occasionally on the runway…. The sugar dad, he is trace-more stable and faster is stop ‘ ne whole corner more rigidly than the Stomp. Carving? What is….? With the radius (approx. 40 m) you will not want to really try it, or? There you lie again with the Stomp richtig(er). There nevertheless at least a certain Taillierung suggests itself. Sugar dad is probably not for it in the area (nearly) to toppen… and with all conditions, in the Pipe however to forget (again much too rigidly). But stop of the Stomp is made, which does not go off so correctly for it in the area (however only in the direct comparison!). Actually you must only know, what exactly you want. Both does not go to stop (unfortunately).
Bye, Guido”
Nothing like a nonsense post now and then. Actually, this was some kind of letter to a German ski website, which had “zuckervati” in it several times. I tried to make sense by running it through the Altavista translator, but, as you can see, it doesn’t work well with jargon.

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