Films Cochons: The Making of Quebec Popular Cinema

While many Quebec filmmakers looked to the French “cin�ma direct” movement and directors like Goddard and Truffaut for inspiration, entrepreneurs like Denis H�roux and Claude Fournier did not. Through simply being in the right place and the right time and possessing a profound ability to exploit their audience, H�roux and Fournier created a popular boom of sex films at a critical time in the history of Quebec cinema.

The demise of censorship in Quebec finally took place in 1967, when Quebec’s censorship bureau was replaced by more conventional film ratings. Coincidentally, the Canadian Film Development Corporation was established the following year, a crown corporation which offered loans and financing to Canadian film productions. Stepping in at this critical point were directors Denis H�roux and Claude Fournier, who knew that when you added up free love and free government money, the result could be a successful mix of comedy, nationalism, and nudity.


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