London with the Leader

Had to visit London, to check up on my parents’ place. It’s been a couple of weeks, and the fish needed feeding, the snow needed clearing, etc. However, I failed to take into account the snowfall last night. I had to clear the porch and walkway of snow. Then I had to go back inside and put on a heavier coat, then clear the sidewalk, the driveway, and part of the street behind my car. The snowplow had already been through, and there was at least a metre of snow at the base of the driveway. Here I am with this wee little scooping shovel. About an hour later, I was finished everything, and boy I was hyped. I wanted to clear everyone’s driveway at that point. But apathy got the better of me and I just got into the car and headed for London.
It’s the Leader’s birthday today! HUZZAH! I gave him a call and we went to the Waltzing Weasel for beers and snacks. I tried the baked Brie (don’t get it) which came in a skillet, drowning in raspberry or cranberry sauce. It was served with tortillas, although I have no idea how to eat Brie in a tortilla, especially when it’s swimming in a fruit soup. Anyway, it was fun to see the Leader again. Hope he has another 26 birthdays. And then another 26 after that. But that’s all.

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