Party Hardy with the LCBO

Pretty schway party last night – managed to cram over 15 people into my TV room (the room where if I lie down on the floor, I can touch opposite walls). Got everybody drinking pineapple drinks, and eating fake satay chicken. No one was surprised it wasn’t chicken (are they ever?) but everyone thought it deserved notice for trying. I doused everyone with cheesy surf tunes, and even got them to limbo to Harry Belafonte. All in all, a nice time was had. I didn’t even manage to get drop-down drunk, thanks to a scary pamphlet from the LCBO on how to properly entertain at parties… you’d think a place that sold liquor would be a little less critical of drinking, especially in one of their advertisement pamphlets.
I do have to admit, the “Host” pamphlet from the LCBO is pretty useful. It’s sort of a Party-101 set of lessons for the would-be host. In addition to reminding the host that they’re responsible for the acts of their guests (even after they leave), it has great suggestions for what kinds of liquor to stock the bar with, as well as the ratio of different spirits to stock, as well as how much the average guest will consume, and how to modify this amount by the types of foods you server. Pretty crafty.

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