Good Eatin’

Visited the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks (I took some time off on account of my laziness). I was able to go 30 min. straight on the elliptical at a constant pace of 20 kcal/min. whatever that means. Strangely enough, I’ve lost a lot of weight since I got back from San Francisco. About 15 pounds. Weird, no? Well, not very weird at all. I’ve also been cutting crap out of my diet since I saw how they eat in SF. “They,” meaning my brother and his fiancee. While not strict vegetarians anymore, they eat mostly salad, tea, and diet ginger ale. Apparently it’s also a big thing to eat avocados in SF these days.
My brother’s not a very meaty guy, it’s true. And his fiancee recently went on a serious diet in an attempt (successful) to lose weight. So, of course, my brother has to eat what she eats, and he’s lost almost as much weight as she. I mean, I’m not a carnivore, and even I think he needs a little meat in him.
So I’ve taken a lesson from all the beautiful people in ‘merica-land. I’ve been avoiding fried food, eating more salad, and bringing lunch to work instead of going out to eat. This has the unusual side effect of me having more money. Pretty neat deal overall.