Cuba #1

I’m sitting in the lobby bar at Mélia Cayo Coco with Phil, drinking cervézas and smoking cigarillos. This is the second full day in Cuba and we’re tired from walking up the beach and exploring some strange Cuban “ruins” in the noon day sun.
These “ruins” appeared to be partially completed commercial buildings, maybe a future expansion of the resort, which had fallen into disrepair. There were broken cinder blocks and exposed re-bars in unpoured foundations. If you took the horses out for a ride, you’d be able to skirt past this place, after crossing an enormous flat area, covered with tire tracks, where drivers were doing doughnut circles in the sand. We got sunburned, bitten by bugs, and I got a very sharp burr caught between my toes. This thing was so sharp that it cut my fingers when I tried to extract it. Phil got a good picture of me hopping up and down on one leg, suffering in the sun.
There are internet kiosks available in the lobby. They are running Windows 98 and some kiosk software. The best internet connection you can get around here is 33.6 kbps, and I’m not that patient. Besides — at this time, my web server is down.