CATPRIN – Bringer of the Apocalypse

CATPRIN, a tailor for cats. Ever imagined dressing up your lovely cat into a fabulous beauty? You don’t have to dress her everyday, in fact she might not feel comfortable with a dress on for days. Just dress her up only on special occasions like her birthday, takes a photo and that should leave you lots of memories and fantasies.


One Response to “CATPRIN – Bringer of the Apocalypse

  • Angel/OA
    21 years ago

    Who is CATPRIN?
    What is Zuckervati Missing Links?
    Who is the Bringer of the Apocalypse?
    Please send me back an e-mail so I can get more up to date about the Apocalypse…
    P.S.: Do Emma Watson or Myriam Bleau have anything to do with this?
    Thank you, I’ll be on standby for your response.