Going on Vacation!!

Going on vacation this weekend. Going for a drive. To Banff, Alta. Pretty schway, no? Yup, a cross-Canada road trip: three days to get there, three days back, and some driving in the middle. Yeesh. Going to need to take a couple of days off after this trip.

But I have to admit — I’ve never done anything like this in Canada before, and I’ve always wanted to. When I was about 22, I drove down Highway 61 to New Orleans, after watching Bruce MacDonald’s film “Highway 61”. Unfortunately, Jello Biafra wasn’t the customs agent, but the customs agent was pretty close to the asshole in the film…

But given a choice, I’d gladly drive around in CA. You stay in Canada, and you realize you’ve got the most convenient vacation you’ve ever had. It’s like going to the States, but everyone’s nicer, there’s not so much crap (billboards, buildings, etc.) everywhere, and all the stuff you had at home is available no matter where you go (bank machines, Canadian Tire stores, etc.). And no worrying about exchange rates either. And face it — even though we won’t be getting that “holier-than-thou” attitude from Americans, our own little “I’m-better-than-you-idiots-but-won’t-say-anything-about-it” attitude we give Americans doesn’t work up here. We know we’re all full of shit, so there’s no pretending. It’s pretty cool.

Don’t get me wrong. I love travelling in the U.S. It’s a pretty fine country if you ask me. But it’s much too busy, and much too full of shiny, useless crap. Some people like that. I’m not one of them.