Pembroke Fall Guy

Ah, well I had my fun driving around Canada. I’ll be sure to get those pictures online sometime soon (if I can find out where the hell I put my laptop). Time for some serious camping now. Going on a white-water canoeing trip up in Pembroke — at least that’s how it was explained to me. For some reason, my mind has problems putting the words “white-water” and “canoeing”:

Main Entry: white water
Function: noun
Date: 1586
: frothy water (as in breakers, rapids, or falls)
white-water adjective

When I think of canoeing, I’m imagining still waters, and loads of paddling, possibly hiking around with the damn thing on my head. I also think of that awesome “Four-on-the-floor” skit, “Mr. Canoehead”. Heh. Still thinking about it….

What I’m not imagining is “frothy water (as in breakers, rapids, or falls)”. FALLS? What am I Lee Majors?

[This is where Pembroke is, in case you were interested...]

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