Novell’s Linux Battleplan

Novell will begin its local Linux drive with nationwide seminars for partners and customers early next year to educate and train its channel in SuSE Linux.

Its acquisition of SuSE Linux is expected to be approved by February.

The vendor had plans to stage introductory Linux seminars around this time, Novell’s manager of partner relationships, Steve Martin, said.

“It’ll be one of the biggest things we do next year, if not the biggest,” he said.

“Nothing’s official yet, but we’ll have an introductory seminar to Linux which will be free for partners and potential partners, and then sales and technical training,” Martin said.

“The key thing is we’ll be exposing them to Linux. We’ll be showing them how to implement Linux solutions and how to position themselves in the Linux space.”

He said Novell’s US operation was currently developing SuSE training courses.

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