High security in the gifted city

Was up in T.O. today and saw the most amazing sky. All around Toronto, the sky was clear and sunny (no snow on the roads), but near the horizon, on all sides was this ominous wall of black churning clouds. When I left around 4:30pm, I was heading straight towards this ever-climbing wall of storm. Like I was leaving the eye of the hurricane. The wall finally hit around Milton, and from that point on, there was ice, snow, wind, and more than a dozen cars and trucks scattered about the road. Apparently, Kitchener got about 20-30cm of snow during the day.

I was up at a high-security hosting site to look at a couple of servers. This place had reinforced booths, automatic revolving security doors, and biometric scanners. Note to self: bring a sweater, a small camping stool, and a toolbox. They don’t give you much down there, just access to your rack.