Toronto Late Night

Spent the whole day in Toronto (mostly just getting to and back from Toronto), working on our servers. The storm’s been kicking up outside, and there were few people around the downtown area around 10pm… just cabs looking for fares, and the occasional late night joe, like myself, trying to find his/her way home. The plows haven’t been through yet, and the driving was crazy.

Thanks to my buddy at work, who put some useful .img files up on our server, so I could get the job done. FYI — Norton Ghost 2002 doesn’t copy useful drive images of EXT3 file systems, and it tends to wipe the MBR of the disk, so restoring a hard drive isn’t a smart thing to do with this software. Luckily, Symantec Ghost 8.0 *does* do what we needed, but took up 2 floppies (I only brought one).

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