Moncton Late Night

I’m in Moncton, NB right now, using high-speed hotel internet, courtesy of work. What an interesting trip so far…. After an early morning commute to Hamilton, and a 1h 37m turbulence-filled plane ride, with complementary sudden stop and short turn on the short Moncton airport runway, I met up with our sales associates, for a night of serious drinking. Boy, can these East-coasters drink!

We hit a cigar bar, called Kramer’s for pre-dinner drinking, and appetizers. Unfortunately, no one was daring enough to buy a $20 Habano cigar, so we headed to Bogart’s for some fine dining. The dining was typical carnivore-fare, and the only vegetarian dish was the Pasta Primavera with Alfredo sauce.

After the food, we hit a bar — Cosmo’s — where we were swarmed with what a younger person might consider a hip joint, full of sweet chicks. In fact, the girl-to-guy ratio was considerably favourable for once. Pretty inspiring, that is, if I were 10-15 years younger. As it was, I and the whole crew I was with seemed a little old. But it did get pretty tempting. We frequently forgot our trains of thought in mid-conversation….

On the up side, the singer/guitar player was this awesome dude, who was a combination of Gary Busey and Bruce Cockburn (I told him that after his set). He met us, and got into an argument with my Sales Director over who was older. Turns out, he had to buy the Sales guy a beer.

I’m currently trying to finish up my slide presentation for tomorrow, but it appears this training session’s going to be mostly Q & A with little or no focus on the UNIX side of things. Oh well, at least I’ve developed the training for future trips, although, I’m not too keen on this whole lifestyle; I’m going to have to read the customers better (everyone was in jeans, except me) or buy a whole new wardrobe, and switch to suits all of the time.

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