New house blues and reds

Feel like I’m being weighted down with all of the money issues and all the paperwork for the new house. Looks like dozens of people need to be contacted, what with insurance, lawyer, mortgage, utilities, taxes, and all that other junk — I’m bound to miss something. I even need to find a fridge and stove before I move in, otherwise it’s “beans out of the can” and microwave popcorn for dinner.

Got some nice pics of the house when I went to visit it again, and it’s a little bigger than I remembered the first time. Especially large was the little kitchen in the basement, and the furnace room/work room. The ceiling in the stairwell to the second floor is a little lower than I remember, but I’m short enough that I didn’t hit my head when I went upstairs.

Can’t wait to get in there and start using it! Gonna need a few coats of paint, but that’s about all it’ll need.

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