Thinking of Blue

Saw some nice warm(er) weather on the way to work today, but a little disappointed with the lack of colour everywhere. I know this time of year, a lack of green is expected; I shouldn’t expect a blue sky when it’s overcast and raining; and I’ve been indoors all day, so what do I care?

So I was thinking of the colour blue. How calm and soothing a nice blue/purple sky would look right about now, as the sun drops below the horizon, and night comes over everything. Just before the sky goes black (unlike in the city, where the sky goes a perplexing orange) and the stars come out. You know what I’m talking about … and if you don’t, you should leave the city sometime — just sit out in an empty field and watch the sky from cowpie hill.

I think what I’m missing is summer (note that I was missing summer as early as last autumn) and all the dark blue in the night sky there was. The warm summer wind blowing around you in the middle of the night, the peace and quiet of the larger world interrupted by only the most intermittent traffic sounds (even in the country).

Even up in the north side of Algonquin, there was always some kind of sound, but the blue/black night sky was really the thing which took my breath away. And stars too! Stars in such a concentration where you could actually see the rest of the Milky Way pouring across the night sky like a spilled glass of whole milk (Homo milk in Canada, eh).

So here’s to ya, blue. Old buddy, old pal. Here’s to the Blue Train, the Galactic Express, the Kind of Blue. Here’s to the stars. Here’s to the upcoming summer nights. Here’s thinking of you.


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