Back from Las Vegas

OK, I’m back from Vegas. And I’m nodding off right now. Couldn’t get any sleep on the plane, couldn’t sleep at the airport, and can’t sleep at work (although I was nodding off in the server room a couple of times). It’s gonna take the rest of the week just to recover, especially since I seem to have picked up a cold while I was there. I thought my throat was scratchy from all the smoking. Smoking was allowed pretty much everywhere, even the “designated non-smoking areas” were open to smoking zones. It reminded me of the smoking mind set of the 1970s, except that half of the people were smoking big cigars (including myself, at times).

Yeah, couldn’t sleep in the Airport. The seats at our gate had arm rests, discouraging things like sleeping and large people. Even if I could sleep, there were SLOT MACHINES everywhere, including the most annoying thing in human history: the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. There were at least three of these together, and every x minutes, they’d scream out “WHEEL … OF … FORTUNE!”. They weren’t even coordinated to go off at the same time, so one would kick in, then another, then a brief pause, then the third one would start shouting at me!

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