Missing Las Vegas?

OK, to be absolutely honest, I want to go back to Las Vegas sometime soon. I suppose this makes no sense, given my previous posts, and my general lack of enthusiasm in the first place, but I guess it’s kind of like eating at McDonald’s … You’re hungry, so you go to McDonald’s. You eat a ton of “food” there, but just get a heavy feeling in your stomach — you’re not full, but you’re no longer hungry. Later (about 20min later) you become ravenous for more food. So you go back to McDonalds, eat again … and you eventually starve. You know the routine.

Granted, there were some pretty cool shows in Vegas which I wasn’t able to see (Penn and Teller, Blue Man Group, etc.). But it’s much worse than that … I somehow crave more shiny useless crap. Maybe I’ll take a side trip to Niagara Falls later this month. That should help out.