California woman bites bullet in hotdog

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A California woman says she swallowed a live bullet and bit into a second round while eating a hotdog and that she has the X-rays to prove it.

Police said on Thursday they were investigating the bizarre incident the 31-year-old woman said happened at a Costco store in Irvine, California, about 47 miles (76 km) southeast of Los Angeles.

“She said she had swallowed one bullet and felt another in her mouth,” Irvine police Lt. Jeff Love said. “She showed us the bullet and we took it as evidence. We had them cut up all the other hot dogs and found nothing in the buns.”

A spokesman for Seattle-based Costco Wholesale said the company had no comment on the incident, which occurred on Sunday and was still being investigated.

The woman showed local television news an X-ray of her stomach with a bullet lodged in it.

Love said the Hebrew National brand hotdogs served at Costco were prepared under Kosher laws with a high standard of cleanliness, and were X-rayed before leaving the factory.

He said it appeared “highly unlikely” that a hot dog would leave the factory with an undetected bullet in it.