I’m in a land down under

Good day, eh? Well, after about 20+ hours of flying, with stops in Vancouver and Honolulu, I’m now in Australia. We actually missed a whole day, where Friday turned literally into Sunday (we’ll get it back again on the way back, I’m told). Spent some of Sunday walking around in the local shopping mall, getting accustomed to all the new brands and stores. Interestingly enough, things aren’t all that much different, except Billabong is really big down here.

Climate-wise, it’s still pretty nice, even though it’s supposed to be winter in Sydney, and the lows are around 10c, the highs around 21c. And there are palm trees. Also, birds. Lots of them. Big birds … big, noisey birds. Cockatoos, parrots, and one or two mynah birds, all screeching loudly at 6am.

Ate some Vegemite on toast for breakfast, and going into Sydney to look at some of the famous sites.

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