Big Music fights Cdn p2p decision

Federal Court Judge Konrad von Finckenstein was wrong when he dismissed their attempt to force Canadian ISPs to reveal client names, say the Big Five record labels through their CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association).
On March 15, “We are confident that the court will require internet service providers to disclose the identities of alleged digital music infringers,” said the CRIA’s Richard Pfohl.
Big Music was trying to use the Canadian court system to compel Shaw Communications, Rogers Cable Communications, Bell Canada, Telus Communications and Videotron to reveal the names of 29 people the CRIA said had been sharing music online.
It characterised the 29 as “high-volume” file sharers, which is how the RIAA, its opposite number in the US, started its sue ’em all campaign, eventually turning its attention to indviduals, including children and elderly people.

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