Cool Ways to Give IE the Boot

The bad news just keeps coming from Microsoft — this week alone the company released a patch for seven new security vulnerabilities, three of them affecting the company’s Internet Explorer browser and described as “critical” flaws by Microsoft.
And in response to the recent plethora of patches, there seems to be a bit of a Microsoft mutiny happening. According to analyst firm WebSideStory, there has been a 1 percent drop in Internet Explorer use over the past month, from 95.73 percent on June 4 to 94.73 percent on July 6. It’s the first time WebSideStory has ever seen Internet Explorer usage take a dive.
No program coded by humans will ever be 100 percent secure, but we can make malicious hackers’ lives more difficult by using a variety of browsers. Having 94.73 percent of all Web surfers using one application provides too big of a target, and the problem is compounded by Microsoft’s unfortunate insistence on tying Explorer so tightly to the Windows operating system.,1377,64216,00.html?tw=rss.TOP