Photo Journal 1

Thought I’d get this photo journal thingie started with a couple of pics from my bikeride to work. Yes, there’s no picture of me today, but I’ve dyed my beard again for Canada Day. It’s a good excuse to get back into the old habit. I’ve been going plain (slightly bleached) since I started at this new job 6 months ago. Bah, enough of me, here’s some neat pics of my commute through downtown Waterloo. My camera snaps at 5 megapixels, so these files were originally huge, and I accidentally tried to upload these 2Mb images to my web server. I realized it was taking way too long for 15k images to upload, so cancelled out and found the web-friendly ones.
This is just outside of the downtown core of Waterloo, and the buildings in the distance run along King St. To my right would be Weber St. To my left, King.
If I turn around, there are these tracks which head towards Union. I know I shouldn’t be biking along here, but no one seems to mind. I’m just worried I’ll find a dead hobo on my morning route some day.