$328M settles Yahoo – Google spat

Internet search engine company Google, Inc., of Mountain View, has agreed to give rival Internet portal Yahoo, Inc., of Sunnyvale, stock that could be worth as much as $328 million to settle an on-going legal dispute.
The dollar figure is based on Google’s anticipated IPO price of just over $121 per share. Yahoo gets 2.7 million shares to drop its suit against Google, according to the two companies Monday.
Under the terms of the agreement, Google will take a license to U.S. Patent No. 6,269,361 and several related patents, held by Yahoo’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Overture.
Yahoo sued its rival over Google’s linking of advertising with information searches. Yahoo contended it infringed on a patent it acquired when it bought Overture Services Inc. in 2003. Yahoo paid about $1.63 billion for the Pasadena-based company.

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