Blogging from Away

Blogging from C’s apartment this afternoon, because I can. We spent the afternoon over coffees at the Gelato place and I spent much of the time being frustrated that there was an open wifi signal not 20m from the place we were sitting (it was low/good where I parked my car, across King St.). I wanted to be able to sit in a coffee shop, or be on a patio, blogging while I was there. It’s the thing that Waterloo sadly lacks.
It started raining, so we moved over to C’s place, not a block away, and he’s got wifi going, so no problem. The Telelogix Netbook is OK for this kind of stuff, but its keyboard has a strange layout, and it’s not so good for working on UNIX, via SSH. I downloaded what I thought was a good SSH client, but it doesn’t allow me to copy/paste from other apps, such as the web browser. It made things like upgrading X11 on my webserver a bit more difficult, since I needed to copy some long URLs from IE.
I would like to see more coffee shops in Waterloo adopt some kind of open wifi technology. It’s not very expensive, and there are free, open source solutions out there, such as