Cool bush party

Went to a reasonably cool, but subdued bush party last night in St. Catherines. A friend of R had a birthday, and we got to see his converted barn loft apartment. It was pretty dark, and I was pretty liquored up, so I ended up banging my head against a low-hanging tree branch. Got some mosquito bites too, but that’s to be expected. Note: that’s why I’m scratching my ass, OK?
We had the option of camping there overnight, but there were only about 30 people when we got there, and most of them left after a couple of hours (we were late in arriving), and most of the food was gone by that time. We stayed a little longer, but since R was our designated driver, we didn’t bring any camping stuff with us, and endured the long trip back. Still, a cool party. I’d like to get to more of these things, especially after hearing about one party with almost 1200 people attending. Now that’s a party. Unfortunately, I don’t know many people who live on farms.

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