The Psion-Teklogix wallet-eater

Borrowed this little gem from work. It’s a pretty fly little internet appliance, and tiny as you can get without looking like a PDA. The Netbook runs, and has precious few applications, but is very good on batteries, and has a touch screen. One thing I didn’t like about it was how heavy it was, and the whopping $3K CAN price tag.
It’s much smaller than this Toshiba, and much more expensive. No hard drive means no storage, and WinCE effectively cripples it from all but the most basic (not BASIC) applications. The one nice thing about the embedded OS is that it’s instantly on when you open it, and instantly off when you close. The small form factor makes it ideal to have a travelling internet kiosk in your house. But at 3000? Jebus Cripes! I could buy 3 cheap laptops and have them scattered throughout the place. And then, I’d have a primo setup for network gaming nights.

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