Pulling an All Nighter…

Stayed up all night working on a customer’s machines. There was a Squid problem and their cache folders got corrupted, so I upgraded them to Squid 2.5STABLE-12 after wiping out their cache paritions. It was a clever little trick: I diverted all our application’s traffic to one of their good servers, while rebuilding the Squid caches on two other servers. No one went offline, and no important data was lost, except some pornography. I enabled the cache_access log on the good machine, so I could make sure traffic was being diverted, but ended up looking at porn URLs for about 6 hours. The problem was newfs took forever to finish up on the two bad machines — I’m suspecting some kind of physical drive damage, but everything appears to be working now.
I couldn’t stay awake at work, and often got halfway through an email message and forgot what I was typing. Worse yet, I’d look back over the stuff I had written, and was no better off. Very little of the email would be sensible. I’m beginning to think I could be a surrealist writer, or perhaps someone who writes up those crazy nonsensical spam emails that clog up everyone’s inbox. So I came home around noon, and slept for the next six hours.

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