Internet browser: Mozilla Vs Microsoft

As browsers like Mozilla and Opera find more widespread use, Microsofts Internet Explorer is facing a new challenge to its superman status in the world of browsers, says LinuxInsider in its sneak preview of new Mozilla Firefox browser.
Firefox, a product of the Mozilla Foundation, is the latest kid on the bloc to challenge Microsoft. The standalone browser was updated with a 1.0 preview release that includes Live Bookmarks — a feature that allows you to receive RSS feeds within your browser — and a built-in Google search toolbar. Firefox also lets you view more than one Web page within a single open browser and has the most customisation options of any browser available. Like Internet Explorer, Firefox also includes a built-in pop-up blocker..
Despite recent critical vulnerabilities that were discovered by security firm Secunia, Firefox is being heavily promoted by Mozilla, and is seeing some success. Within its first five hours of availability, Firefox 1.0 was downloaded more than 100,000 times.
Internet browser: Mozilla Vs Microsoft – The Economic Times

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