Cassini Flies Past Saturn’s Moon Titan Today

NASA released one of the best pictures ever made of Saturn’s moon Titan as the Cassini spacecraft begins a close-up inspection of the satellite today. Cassini is making the nearest flyby ever of the smog-shrouded moon.
The spacecraft was slated to fly within 745 miles (1,200 kilometers) of Titan at 12:44 p.m. ET (9:44 a.m. PT), with data and other pictures being released thereafter.
It is one of 45 planned flybys of Titan — some even closer — during Cassini’s four-year tour of Saturn and its moons and rings. Later this year Cassini will deploy a probe, named Huygens, that will descend to the surface of Titan in January.
Scientists believe Titan’s atmosphere is similar to that of early Earth, and they want to study it to learn about the sort of pre-biotic chemistry that might have existed just before life on Earth began.
Cassini Flies Past Saturn’s Moon Titan Today

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