Makin’ Woohoo

By all accounts, The Sims is the most successful computer game on Earth. It’s a game even non-gamers have heard of, and it’s as addictive in its own way as cybersex and Doritos. I even spent a couple of months playing The Sims long-distance. Who needs phone sex when you can have phone Sims?
The Sims 2 improves on the original with a more detailed representation of what happens between the sheets — the game calls it “woohoo” — and a gene-transfer element that creates children who resemble their parents in looks and temperament. You can nurture or torment your Sims from infancy to old age and play for generations if you have the attention span to do so.
The game is about life, so you would expect it to include sex. What you might not expect is the matter-of-fact way in which this mainstream game accepts the full spectrum of human sexuality.
Wired News: Makin’ Woohoo

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