New PC in Old Mac Clothes

Back in the early ’90s, Iain Sharp spent so much money on his Mac SE/30, his hand shook as he signed the check.
In the intervening years, Sharp could never bear to part with it. He stored it in the attic until, when watching Seinfeld reruns recently, he had an idea: Why not turn it into a media center for his living-room?
Trouble is, the original electronics are way too sluggish for music or DVD, so Sharp cleverly shoehorned a powerful Windows PC into the classic Mac case.
Sharp’s Mac-ITX is based on a Mini-ITX motherboard, a 9-inch monochrome LCD monitor and a lot of tinkering.
“There is something about the Classic Mac design that makes it outstanding,” Sharp said. “I think the SE/30 actually looks even better today than it did at the time.”
Wired News: New PC in Old Mac Clothes

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