Photo ID now required to buy, rent games in Canada

You already need your photo ID to buy booze or cigarettes and now you’ll need it to rent or buy certain video and computer games.
Canadian retailers and entertainment software makers Thursday were to announce a broad initiative aimed at curbing children’s access to violent and age-restricted games, including asking customers to produce photographic identification in some cases.
Called The Commitment to Parents program, the campaign also aims to help parents make the right choices for their children by providing more information and better staff training in the stores, the Retail Council of Canada said Wednesday.
“The program will allow parents to get more information on the content and age-appropriateness of the games,” retail council president Diane Brisebois said in a telephone interview late Wednesday. “It’s a voluntary program based on the ratings you already see on the game boxes.”
Photo ID now required to buy, rent games in Canada

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