Red Hat wants some of Netscape

Red Hat has expanded its Open Source portfolio through an agreement to acquire specific assets of Netscape Security Solutions, namely the Netscape Directory Server and the Netscape Certificate Management System, both part of the Netscape Enterprise Suite. Red Hat will begin marketing these products in the next 6 to 12 months. The assets were acquired from America Online, Inc., which owns Netscape.
Netscape Directory Server is an LDAP server that centralizes application settings, user profiles, group data, policies, and access control information. America Online current utilizes Netscape Directory Server to manage information as part of its operations. Netscape Certificate Management System uses certificates to verify the identity of users and to secure communications. It is used by the federal government and America Online.
Red Hat hopes that inclusion of these solutions in its suite of offerings will help customers with “enhanced security, manageability and office productivity.” Geek News – Red Hat wants some of Netscape Enterprise Solutions

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