I have a new fan!

Someone’s been listening to my internet radio (someone from Santa Monica, or thereabouts). A grand total of 28 hours. I banned them only because I had to — they burnt out my ATX power supply (a crappy 200W job). Actually the power supply was fine, but the fan seized up on it, and I started to smell that burning electronica smell. So I replaced the old fan with a neat little 60mm Stealth Fan. Low power consumption, quiet, and moves quite a bit of air.
So, while I may have lost a fan, money has helped me get a new one.
I’m turning the radio back on again, but I’m going to keep an eye on the load average to make sure nothing’s going to catch fire again. I’m beginning to think I need a rack mount or something with redundant power supplies. My dreams of having a tiny little webserver are fading away (sniff).