newfs doesn’t do that

(sigh) What do I have to do to please these guys? OK, we upgrade all these servers to the latest FreeBSD patch, then call the customers with all of the work that we did, all the tests that we ran, and all the proof that we have that THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THESE SERVERS! So, they say “but you didn’t wipe the drives and rebuild the servers from scratch.” Our BSD guy replies (shaking with anger, at this point) that these aren’t Windowz boxes, and you don’t *have* to reformat the drives if there’s a software corruption — we’ve replaced all the software with the upgrade, and we’ve tested the drives to prove there is nothing wrong with the drives … and newfs wouldn’t check the drives for errors. He then explained that we would have to keep these boxes over the weekend to do what he’s asking.
So, they reluctantly let us bring the boxes back. They said they were under a lot of pressure from the marketing team (as if), and the deadline was really short (even though these boxes were sitting on someone’s desk for EIGHT MONTHS).
Long story short, I got a veg. sushi lunch, and headed back home for some down time. Got to drink with some friends and got to relax for the weekend.

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