Server Panic

More yelling by this one customer. They threatened to fire me and get someone who would help them better. This after I offered to *drive* up to T.O., pick up all their servers, drive them back here, fix them, and drive them back to these guys. My boss reminded them that I don’t work for these guys, that they haven’t yet signed a contract for our services, and that these servers aren’t even in the contract. He also slammed them for not having the servers in a controlled environment (they were on some guy’s desk, underneath a couple of coffee mugs).
They quieted down a little, and let me go up there to pick up the servers. They were eerily quiet and helpful when I got there, although none of the servers were packed up, or even powered down.
All of the servers tested fine. All booted up properly. Every time. We even power-cycled them without shutting down gracefully, and they still booted up (eventually) after fsck ran on them. We’re thinking they had a combination of a bad keyboard and bad tempers. A running theory is that the white noise from these three IBM rackmounts in a small office might cause a slow decent into insanity.