Some added perks…

Finally got around to getting PHP installed on the machine (still no luck with Image Magick), and added a few extras, including a dynamic status table for the Shoutcast page, and a random image generator on the art page. Still trying to revamp the art page. Mostly, I’m wondering what to do with it, etc. I’m getting several hits on the ascii pr0n page … a lot more than I thought — weirdoes.
Yeah, pretty impressed with my hit count, now that I’m actually tracking such things (there’s a guy from Germany listening to my Shoutcast server right now – huzzah!). All along, I figured it was just me out here.
The status table for the Shoutcast server is bit of a kludge right now, and I can’t really guarantee what happens if the Shoutcast server stops. When I first tried it out, it wiped out the whole page (!). I added an “if” statement with some unfortunate results, and at one point I had two status windows displaying, even though the server was offline. It doesn’t help that I can’t get the Shoutcast server to reliably start on a system reboot (can’t code rc files to save my life….). But, at least it’s working now. I may take it out, but it looks kind of nice, and makes me feel like I’m actually doing something.

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