JFK Reloaded Game Causes Controversy

Game invites users to play the role of JFK’s assassin, causing some observers to wonder whether video games have gone too far.
A controversial new video game that has drawn harsh criticism from both politicians and the general public asks players to test their theories about the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Traffic Management Limited, a Scottish video game company, released JFK Reloaded earlier this week. The game re-creates the assassination of JFK, and lets players take the role of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The game depicts the presidential limo as it cruises through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, and allows the player to fire at the president from Oswald’s perch in the school book depository building. After shooting at Kennedy, the player sees a slow motion replay and an analysis of where–and who–the bullets hit.
PCWorld.com – JFK Reloaded Game Causes Controversy

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