Blogging from the Starbucks at King and Weber this morning (thanks to a GSM wireless card, and no thanks to the WiFi network here):
There was a good foot of snow dumped on us overnight, and it was my first time at clearing out a lot of snow from my driveway. Looks like I need to buy a new shovel, since the one the previous owners left is pretty useless, and one of the blade supports snapped off the shovel. The thing kept getting snagged in my pantleg while shovelling. I only got about half of the driveway done (the bottom half), and I cleared out my sidewalk, finishing up the extent of my civic duty. By the time I finished, I was wet, tired and cold, and wasn’t interested in tracking snow indoors. Additionally, my paranoid fears of leaving my car on an unplowed street kept me looking over my shoulder, anticipating some mammoth plow driving over my car like some yuletide monster truck rally. So I locked up, and got back in my car to look for food and drink.
Yeah, I know … Starbucks. Evil corporation and sellers of coffee made from human bones. Yeah, well, there weren’t too many other places that were plowed this morning. And I really like Starbucks coffee. And don’t evil corporations keep the world turning? No, I suppose it’s got something to do with Earth’s molten core, angular momentum, inertia and the Gravitational Constant… evil corporations may, indeed, have something to do with it.
Installed some surround-sound speakers last night. Luckily, the legends of speaker wires in the walls were true, so that when I punched holes in the plaster, the wires were right where the map said they’d be. This saved me from some re-plastering this weekend. As it was, I was feeling ambitious, and decided to take advantage of those extra speakers I had sitting in the closet. On a lark, we drove up to Gibson Electronics (King and Columbia) to look at their selection of surround-sound systems, and were kind of interested in the Bose systems. The manager came out to help, but wasn’t much of a salesman. He overquoted the speakers I was interested in, and kept trying to upsell me to a 7 speaker system with a subwoofer (oh, sorry, I meant Acoustimass ® module). Also, I wasn’t sure I wanted some sugar cube-sized speakers as the fronts for my home theatre.

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