St. Jacobs Sauce

Pretty slow day today. Slept in until 11, then we went to St. Jacobs for some X-mas-type shopping, then came home and napped for another couple of hours.
The minus 35 (avec wind chill) weather kept all but the hardiest shoppers out of St. Jacobs, so we had the town to ourselves. Got to look at crafts, visit the hot sauce store, etc. I had an ulterior motive — I was looking for hot sauce bottles and lids, but we were able to pick up stuff that would later be given as presents.
Ate at Vidalia’s, a little market-type food court restaurant, where a person can walk around and pick up different themed food, depending on what that person’s hungry for. It’s ideal for groups of people who constantly fight about what to eat when dining out. I also spent the better part of the day looking for the elusive hot sauce lids. Still no luck. But I did find a bunch of other useful things, including a sealed bottle of hot sauce: Blair’s Hot Pot, a hemp-seed hot sauce from my favourite hot sauce maker.

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