Charbrie’s in Waterloo – Restaurantica

Finally ate at Charbrie’s last night, à la C + J’s invite. Got the chance to act out a Crown Royal commercial, as we got dressed up and ordered some of the most expensive food and drink I’ve seen in a while (we drank a 1999 Château Neuf-du-Pape).
It was a nice time. I was particularly impressed by the custom-made caesar salads and the baked brie. I was somewhat impressed by the grilled tofu. I would have been more impressed by it, had it been actually grilled. Something about soggy tofu which turns me right off. The entrée itself was nice, and I’ve had much much worse. I would have done this dish with thinner slices of firmer tofu, and grilled it (or seared it) until there was a light crust. I think I would have also used a saltier, or possibly sweeter balsamic sauce than the one they provided.
I really liked the atmosphere, and the attention the staff gave us. I’d certainly go again, and I’m a cheap bastard.

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