Day interrupted

Got to hang out at the gelato place on King St. Ate a veggie panini and had some coffee. Amazed that on such a nice (freezing cold) sunny day, there weren’t any customers. The staff talked about closing up early. I know, why would any one go to a place that sells gelato when it’s -20C outside…. Apparently Saturday (what with the big snowstorm) was a busy day for them. Go figure
Later, we went to see the Cannes advertising festival at the Princess. Stupid thing was on a DVD, and their player kept skipping, and dropping out completely, leaving a full house with uncomfortable 20 second moments of silence and blackness. We didn’t even get to see the Grand Prix ad, and the DVD failed completely at that point. The audience began to filter out, grumbling, but we stayed to confront the Princess staff. Apparently no one else (out of a full theatre) mentioned anything to the staff. Typical Canadians… not that we were much better — we didn’t demand a refund or anything.
Just kicking back right now, wating for 9pm. Going to head out to the Moody Blues Café with C. R bailed on us and is taking in some bedtime reading.

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