Saw “Kinsey” today. Interesting story about the guy who educated the world about sex. Good movie, although this seemed a lot like many other films about a big artist/scientist who struggled through hardships and funding problems to find a way to get his art/research known to the people. À la “Beautiful Mind”, but without all the cool insanity stuff, and Ed Harris wasn’t in this film. In fact, this seemed like the ideal film for Ed Harris, or perhaps Sam Neill.
Thank Jebus for this man. Sounds like he had the hardest time getting this stuff out to people who really needed it. You know, the “does masturbating give you cancer?” people. While maybe not as important as the discovery of insulin, or caring for members of the Chinese army during WWII, Kinsey’s work for the enlightenment of the human animal was nonetheless a big contribution to science and sexual free-thinkers everywhere.

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