Nice dinner last night

Had a good time last night. We hosted a dinner with some friends instead of what we usually do — go out and spend money on dinner and a night on the town. For us, it means we can have a similar fun time, without spending so much money on having someone prepare food for us. Especially good is the money saved on liquor. We got to enjoy a couple of bottles of wine, some fine quiche, a fantastic spinach and strawberry salad, and homemade apple pie. Got to give big credit to R for doing most/all of the work on this. Next time I get to do all the cooking.
This makes the second dinner we hosted this week, but it’s still a lot of fun to entertain, despite the dirty dishes. Some day, I hope to have a dishwasher for the kitchen. I still haven’t considered the renovations yet, but maybe this summer we’ll get that done.
The only downer was that I had to answer a couple of “emergency” pages by a customer who needed to know which processID the watchdog was. He couldn’t find it, and freaked out at me, like his inability to use “ps” properly translated into a problem with our product.

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