The art of server noise

Sitting in Cafe 1842, trying to calm myself down after a particularly gruesome server crash. Apparently one server in this customer’s loop crashed while doing a garbage collection and running out of KVM, then all the users failed-over to the other server, which then also crashed and rebooted. Luckily, only 4 users complained out of 900 online. The servers are probably going to need some work, so I’m in for another couple of sleepless nights in the next couple of weeks.
So now I’m shakily sipping from my double short espresso, trying not to seem stressed by the whole affair. R’s doing belly dancing class, so I thought I’d be able to slip in here and blog a bit before heading back.
Talked with my financial advisor today, who also is my art advisor. Quelle coincidence, n’est pas? Turns out Susan is also a watercolour painter, who’s recently had her first big art show. She’s given me some useful advice about selling art (i.e. you may cry after selling your favourite piece to someone) and getting your art seen (i.e. you’ll likely have to pay to have it shown at a co-op gallery). We’re sending little bits of info back and forth via email … it’s good to finally have someone in the art community to talk to. Here I was thinking the KW art scene was a small Machiavellian sect…
Anyway, the talk with Susan gave me a newfound respect for artists in the area, and rekindled my artistic passion. You’ve got to paint for yourself, not for the dubious chance of selling any of it. Anyone who’s seen how much “art” litters my garage knows that to be true. Well, with any luck, I’ll again get off my lazy ass and start taking some pics of art and make some slides.

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