Double Americano

Blogging from Cafe 1842 this morning. I thought I’d get out of the house a little early, and since I was blocking R’s car, I had to get all dressed up in my winter coat anyway.
It’s really sunny out right now — it’s absolutely beautiful. Oh, I could go on about the damnably cold weather, but I won’t — it’s just that nice out: no wind, no clouds, and sunny. Sunny like it would be if it were dead summer.
It’s actually pretty sparse and quiet here this morning. Somewhere on the radio, someone’s playing an all-harmonica version of the theme from “Rockford Files”. There’s a couple of business people sitting quietly, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. One or two older folks sitting talking, as if trapped in a phone booth-sized Tim Hortons. Yeah, pick any “Timmies” around town and it would be stuffed with people, all still wearing their coats, and drinking take-out coffees, as if they were in a hurry to be somewhere, which they are not.
Thinking of doing something fun this weekend, like a road trip, or something that takes me away from town, even for a short time. I’d like to get back to Elora again, and check out the falls before it gets too warm. Maybe take my camera this time. Or, I could get up to Toronto and check out that buddhist place again. Great food there — on the corner of Logan and Gerrard St.